June Favorites | Sunrises, Appreciation, Balance

I might say this every time, but I REALLY mean this one: BOY am I glad June is over.

Check my goals & motivation for July HERE! ❤

Due to being on vacation, I only started feeling productive about more than half way through the month. Which is weird for me, because usually the beginning weeks of the month are the most motivational for me.

It seems like I was stuck in a rut, a little lost – for the last week of May and first two weeks of June. I’m still lost, wondering which turn my wheel of life is going to take next, but I’m settled. I’ve done so much realizing and reflecting on myself and my own tendencies, my own health and my own realities.

After being extremely violated when my accounts were hacked the first week of June (while I was on vacation, mind you), I had a really hard time climbing out of the ditch that experience threw me into. I had to dig my way up and out of the dark, uncomfortable hole that I ended up in. “Why?” Why did this happen? Why would someone want to do this? I kept telling myself that people are terrible, settle with karma in mind, put out the best intentions and carry on. But it’s always easier said than done.

I felt shot, defeated, attacked and demeaned. I began to feel like all of my work was worthless. I felt irrelevant. I wondered “why bother”?

Then I stepped back. And asked the mirror that once again.

Why bother? Because YOU bother.

If you’re reading this right now, YOU are the reason that I bother.

I mean, I have some friends and family members whom I know for a fact don’t even read my blog posts. And that’s fine with me. I only want people to pay attention if it REALLY interests you. I don’t need fake love.

But when I’m checking my stats and trying to see what’s effective, what reaches people and what touches people… every number, every view counts. Every single one.

So if you’re reading this, thank you for making yourself another number that I see and smile at. And thank you for giving me a reason to bother.



I’d like to show you a few of my current favorite feeds & accounts that bring the term “aesthetically pleasing” to LIFE!



If you need all things about self love, skin care, and face beats that slay to the color lords, September is your girl. I met September in high school through an anti-bullying group, and I’ve kept up with her life via social media and growth for years. True to her name (birth month) and star sign sign, this feminine and powerful Virgo is making MOVES in the beauty industry! September recently just landed a job at Sephora and I’m so excited to continue following as her talent SKYROCKETS. Go and give her colorful and uplifting feed a peek, and let me know if you end up following her!




Did someone say unicorns and glitter and magical artwork? “Dorkfaceblog” sure did. This is one of my favorite feeds when I need some color inspiration! I find it interesting that I’m drawn to this page even though the colors aren’t my typical preference. I love the way she incorporates her own artwork and makes it a completely unique and authentic part of her page. Not to mention, the colors and vibrancy are soo attention grabbing!

You can find a link to her blog in her bio, so definitely head over there and see what’s up. If you’re interested check out her Etsy shop to browse her artwork, goodies and trinkets!

Some other pages and feeds I’ve recently followed are:








Life has tricked me into the humility test this month. I’ve been blatantly rejected more times than I can count, in more ways than one. I’ve been pushed, stepped on, walked over, disrespected and thrown down again. It’s like once I get vulnerable, it really fucking pours down.

One thing I’ve been forced to see light in is that change is good. Vulnerability means I have room to grow. Humility gives me a wake up call.



Along with most of us…. CTRL  by SZA.

Guys. I. AM. SO. OB. SESSED. WITH THIS ALBUM. It’s so empowering and bad ass, but emotional and touching at the same time. Which is basically my whole entire energy so…


Love Galore

Doves in the Wind

The Weekend

Normal Girl


All of my love – Led Zep

Fade into You – Mazzy Star (when I’m feeling emotional)

Lust for Life – Lana & The Weeknd

No Frauds – Nicki, Drake & Wayne (upon recovering from a few particular frauds)

Wild Thoughts – Rihanna & Bryston Tiller, DJ Khaled (I wish I didn’t… but I do love it)

El Chapo – The Game (add this to your workout playlist RIGHT NOW. Shoutout to fbgmegan for this)

Die for you – The Weeknd

Make Love – Gucci Maine


Cruelty Free Beauty 

I recently tried a few new foundations because, tan.

I was really impressed with the Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation – I took a few samples of this one on vacation with me because I knew my current one wouldn’t have matched me after a single day in St Maarten. It has a great consistency and it’s super build-able which I like, because sometimes I want just a light layer and sometimes I want full coverage. I also love how dewy it makes my skin! The ONE back side is the packaging… it really, really, really, sucks. I’m talking to you @BeccaCosmetics!!! Please work on this. It seems like they tried to aim for an oil drop system, but it’s just an overall fail. It’s messy and inconvenient and just annoying. It’s enough to make me actually return it for something else. Call me picky or high maintenance… yes, you’re right.

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SO I also grabbed a sample of Too Faced Born This Way. I know I know, I’m late to the party. I was hesitant about Too Faced, not sure why, but I decided to open my mind and try it. I really love this foundation’s coverage and wear. It makes my skin look flawless and it lasts ALL day. I think I’ll be doing this one next!

My girl at Sephora also grabbed me a sample of the Too Faced HangoverRx, which I used regularly YEARS ago but just didn’t re-buy. I was reminded of how beautiful it is and my skin loved it right up. The coconut water feels so cooling and calming and my sensitive, acne prone skin embraced it all. So I’ll be grabbing one of them for sure!

Trader Joe’s SKIN CARE

Not being at Lush has made me more receptive of other skin care lines! No shade, but I was very close minded since I wanted to represent and use the products we carried. Since not working there I’ve explored some other cruelty free cosmetic options. I can admit nothing has impressed me as much as LUSH did as far as ingredients and sourcing and ethics. A lot of companies, even if they’re cruelty free, still use harsh ingredients that are harmful for our skin and especially the environment.

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What I’ve really enjoyed so far are:

– Micellar Cleansing Wipes: I have gone without using my Neutrogena wipes since going entirely cruelty free in October/November, and I haven’t been able to find a replacement that I loved ever since. WELP, THE SEARCH IS OVER, FRIENDS! These wipes are heaven sent! They don’t sting the eyes and they do a hella good job at removing all my makeup. I use these as my first step before washing or using a mask and take them on the go with me constantly. Highly recommend!

– Face lotion w/ SPF 15: This one has none of the toxic bullshit found in regular sunscreens! Yay! The common replacement for AvoBenzide is Zinc. Zinc is technically the more protective and safe ingredient, but it’s a bitch to put on and it makes your skin starchy. So this moisturizer doesn’t have any of that, therefore the SPF is low but it still will do the job.



I started eating beans! And mushrooms! Two things that I REALLY did not enjoy before. Both of them kinda happened on accident, and I found myself eating them and just nodding and thinking, “okay this isn’t so bad at all”.

I also have been eating a lot of corn lately! I’ve always liked corn but I hadn’t ever really cooked it at home until this past week.

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I’m still adjusting to a completely vegetarian diet, and I felt like I just wasn’t eating enough. (Check out my Going Vegetarian post for details!) I knew I had to branch out and get more creative with my dishes so that way I don’t get bored and slack off.

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I caved and gave into a lot of my impulsive cravings in June. As bloated and shitty I’d feel after I knew that I had to honor what my body and mind was needing and wanting! I’m all for will power, challenging yourself and feeling accomplished, but some days we really just need to have french toast, boxed mac and cheese and an ice cream cone.





If you have any bomb recipes including any of these few favorites, send them my way!!


I’ve felt really inspired to branch myself and my brand out there lately. I finally got my business cards so I’ve been able to get my name in the hands of some people. My goals are to work with ethical brands that I align with and partner and collaborate as much as possible!

I also have been toying with the idea of doing more YouTube videos. There’s certain topics and reviews I’d like to explore but I feel like it would be communicated best on video – real me, real talk.

Another thing I noticed this month  is that I had much more interaction from users via WordPress! That’s really exciting because the WordPress community is so huge and it makes me happy to know people out there are actually reading and enjoying my content.




the little things.





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good health, no matter how many ice cream cones I want, at least my body can afford it.


late nights

linking arms with my best friend while we sleep




I’m always advising people to create balance, in any aspect of life, but I know I don’t always take my own words into mind. I’m trying to find my best, well rounded self. Time for work, time for play, time for me.

I’m also trying to balance my content and focuses. I want to be hitting ALL of the topics instead of just one at a time, all at once. I tend to load all of my eggs in one basket and don’t make time or room for other baskets. My problem is that when I do something, I do it wholeheartedly and I can’t half ass it. So I just need to work harder and find a way to do MULTIPLE things WHOLEHEARTEDLY. I hope to give you more variety of posts hitting all the bases – poetry, astrology, beauty, health & wellness, food, fashion, lifestyle. It’s time to get back to what my main intentions were on Laura the Leo!

Something I’m proud of is how solution oriented I am. When I have a problem, I don’t sit on it for too long. I bounce back with something aiming to solve it. My mind is constantly placing variables in equations and filling in the answers.


Until next time. Happy July!!

Stay loving.