July Goals | Astrology, Diet & Beauty

– Connect deeply with Astrology & Tarot again:

* do at least one reading per week and pull occasional daily cards!

* do a few readings for friends or family

* download a moon/cosmic app to stay up to date with trends & alignments. (If you have a recommendation or use an app like this please tell me how you like it!)

– Get my hair done

– Get on a more consistent vegetarian diet and gym schedule

* find a vegan/veg. protein powder that DOESN’T taste like grasshole

– Add new/different vitamins & supplements

* Women’s multi

* Tumeric for circulation disorder

– Apply for a credit card

* I was thinking of trying Southwest so I can earn points for flights, but if anyone has a suggestion for a 20 y/o with little to no credit PLEASE LMK ๐Ÿ™‚

– Regulate post schedule at minimum of 2 per week

– Get a new mid-year planner!

* ban.do

– Make a few Youtube videos!

* Current skin care routine

* Day in the life Vlog

* Journey of life post-high school


It’s already day 3 of July and I’ve had some wonderful opportunities knock on my door. I’ve met some people and planted my ideas into some brains and I hope that I see it all coming back around soon enough.

To keep everyone updated, here’s what I’m up to!

I’ve been working on my own little freelancing business for social media consulting.

What I’m offering is a variety of options for any small business owner, individual, professional, influencer or artist that needs some guidance or assistance running or planning their social media.

I specialize with instagram, photo editing and content creating and am happy to talk about whatever your business needs. I’ll work with people who are already well established and just need a little pushย ANDย I’ll work with those who need to build from the ground up.

PLEASE contact me if this appeals to you or anyone you know. I am all ears and an open book, so please do not hesitate!


Until next time, let’s keep in touch.

Insta: here

Contact me: here

And incase you haven’t seen yet…

June favorites: here.ย 


Stay beautiful.


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