3 Easy Ways to be Eco-Friendly at HOME

“The Earth does not belong to the man. The man belongs to the Earth.” – Chief Seattle

When was the last time you took a step back and felt proud of the habits you have in efforts to treating our planet right?

It’s something that might cross our mind once or a few times a day, but most of us never actually take action to make an impact.

EVERY single effort counts. If you’re under the thinking that your help doesn’t matter, your mind is not open enough.

At the least, I hope to inspire even just one person enough to help them make a change in their lifestyle and switch some harmful practices to better causes.

What do you like to do around the house to be eco friendly?? Leave a comment for me 🙂

1. Paper or REUSABLE Straws!

I had no idea the impact of plastic straws had on the environment until I participated in a beach clean up on Earth day this year. My coworkers that I volunteered with, who also went the year prior, repeatedly said how sad it was to see the massive amounts of straws just along the coastline. They said there wasn’t nearly as many on that particular beach as the year before, BUT there was still TOO MANY FOR COMFORT.

Using a biodegradable paper straw or a steel, reusable straw INSTANTLY makes an impact. You don’t realize how many plastic straws are really out there until you become aware.

When out and about, sometimes I forget my straws and chose to suffer through and feel terribly guilty with a plastic one, or I choose to #goTopless (look it up).  What I’ve been trying to do is just keep a few in a sanitary bag or container in my purse. But, these particular ones are definitely best for around the house.

I recommend the steel ones for keeping on you – in a bag or your car!

Here’s where to find some ECO CONSCIOUS STRAWS (both under 10 bucks):

Stainless steel – Amazon $8

Paper – Amazon $8 


This is another one that you don’t really think about until you become informed.

Many toothbrushes are made with harsh toxins and plastics, and are usually not recyclable. This means that they sit on landfills and our beaches… pretty much forever.


I’ll just leave this here. *mic drop*

I recently found this Bamboo toothbrush brand that is entirely 100% plant based, right down to the bristles.

(Information & Photo credit to the Brush with Bamboo website. Read more!)

Plus, they have packages of multiple so you can order toothbrushes for the whole fam!

SHOP Bamboo Toothbrushes here!


Yep, you heard me. Like, why is that even necessary?

Be sure to do your research and ENSURE that your precious toothbrush doesn’t have a history of brutality.

One more environmentally conscious toothbrush brand is this one called Preserve which I found at Trader Joe’s! I went through a few of these before finding the bamboo brush which I currently use, but do keep one of this kind on hand as back up and for travel.

Preserve’s toothbrush is made from recycled plastics – yogurt cups, to be exact. The packaging for these brushes actually doubles as a storage/travel container, with air vents and everything.

Shop here to check out their toothbrush packages and other good stuffs.

I read this extremely informative and well written article by Trader Joe’s Fan blog. They go into more detail about why you should support this brand, including facts and statistics!

Follow them – @brushwithbamboo

Need an eco friendly toothpaste to go with your brush? I did a post all about that a while back. Check it out here!



Not to be confused with food rapping.


Orrrrr food, rapping.


FOOD WRAPPING is another common household item that gets looked over when thinking of how to make environmentally conscious efforts. If we’re trying to avoid plastics all together, we should look directly to the things that we rely on plastic for. This one is a hard switch, because it’s a little bit more costly and a little bit less convenient. These are the 2 reasons why America has become lazy with our consuming.

I saw this brand on a Buzzfeed video and so far it’s lived entirely up to the buzz.

Bee’s Wrap is a beeswax based storage and freshness wrap for your goods! It molds and adjusts itself to your food item or container. It’s reusable, washable and EFFECTIVE.

Like I said, these are a little less “easy” purchase because of the price. They do offer multi packs, and I recommend you grab just a few and keep the budget low, and slowly start to mingle them into your routine while you diffuse away the stock of Saran-wrap and tin foil you’ve got in your drawers.

( Read more | Shop ) 

Follow them – @beeswrap


If you’ve heard of these brands but never actually checked them out, I hope I’ve encouraged you to do so!

It’s time our generation becomes awakened into our OWN mess that we’ve caused and try to DO SOMETHING about it.


Stay green.




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  1. This post makes me so happy. Just today I was on a hike in a PROTECTED AREA – an environment that is at risk, that the government is trying to save!!! – and there were wrappers along the side of the path 😦 I can’t clean up after all these people, but I can do more at home to make my environmental impact lower so I appreciate the suggestions! Getting a new toothbrush.

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  2. It’s so saddening to see Mother Earth disrespected like such 😞 That’s exactly why I feel like doing our part at home, where we DO have control is so important. Thanks for your support love!

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