JUNE Goals | Success & Growth

This month I’m really inspired and motivated to launch my visions and bring to life the things that I’ve dreamt of for so long. It’s time to make my dreams my reality! I’ve never felt more empowered than I do now.

  • Continue eating vegetarian
  • Hold another Social Media Seminar
  • Get back into the gym swing – after vacation πŸ˜‰
  • Collectively save $100
  • Gain 2 clients from Social Media Consulting/freelancing
  • Say less negative words, replace negative phrases with words of understanding & peace
  • Communicate with others more clearly (and get better at answering texts)
  • Organize planner
  • Set visions and goals, physically write them down
  • Send love letters
  • Do 1 or 2 effective collaborations

Click here for a recap of my favorite things from May!

Mantra for June: Stay busy, stay motivated,Β stay open minded, be receptive.

Sending love and positivity to each of you,




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