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I didn’t pay too much of a focus on music this month, I listened to most of the same usual stuff. But this one has been a favorite.

Coachella (Woodstock In My Mind) – Lana del Rey


Vegetarian!!! I did it for a whole month, through vacation and all! I was really proud of myself. I felt great physically for cleansing meat toxins through my body and I felt even better mentally for putting myself to an ultimate challenge and testing my self control! I’ll be putting up a post this week about why I decided to go vegetarian, even if it ends up being a temporary diet. I think it’s important to talk about/get your thoughts on!

Here’s a vegetarian wrap I recently had at Feast in East Greenwich (@feasteg). Eating veg while dining out can still be SO delicious, and it’s surprisingly so much easier than we think.

I also have officially been grocery shopping strictly at Trader Joe’s for about a year! Honestly, NOTHING compares to the experience, service and quality of this company. I have been thoroughly impressed. It would take a pretty significant reason for me to stop giving them my business.

Color of the Month:

Yellow! It appeared quite frequently and it just made me so happy this month.



A few weeks prior to this, I commented on the @lushkitchen Instagram pleading for them to make one of my all time favorite (discontinued) scrubs that I missed too much, You Snap the Whip. The next week, what do I see? MY WISHES GRANTED! Thank you, Lush.

I also switched back to my summer moisturizer! With cold pressed organic essential oils and juices, this babe kisses my skin to a perfect glow during the summer. (If you’ve never tried Gorgeous, you may fall on your feet when you check the price. DON’T PANIC. Try a sample of it and your skin will SHOW YOU that it’s worth every penny.)


A lot of heavy emotion and explanation goes with this one. We’ll talk about it another time ❤


You have probably, most likely, definitely already seen most of my posts from my trip to Tampa!

For those who haven’t, I was lucky enough to tag along on this awesome business trip with my great friends from Plato’s closet. Though I am not an employee, I’m a significant partner/public figure at their store and we do a bunch of business together. Them and their company welcomed me in as one of their own and we were all treated with such luxury! It was a beautiful, motivating experience and I’m so glad I was there.

Check out a few of my outfit diaries to see what I wore all week!




This month also ended my journey and career with LUSH Cosmetics.

I owe so much of who I am today to this company, this brand, and this team. I spent 2 years and 3 months of a very transitional/developmental part of my life here. This is the age where we find our niche, find the things that makes us us, discover the things we place value in, this is the time we grow into the people we will slowly be evolving into, forever. Since being trained and developed and invested in so closely, I have put a higher measure on communication and the way we interact and learn things from each other. I have observed thousands of people and personality types that walked into that store every week. It was fascinating and life changing. Not to mention the ever-supportive and unconditional love that I found in my coworkers, family. They know the real me.. the me now… even better than some friends that I left behind in high school. Surrounded by my team every day for hours and hours, for two years, it’s a very intimate place and experience, and you can’t help but invest emotionally in those surroundings. I have been absolutely humbled by the love they’ve shown me since my leaving. The support and gratitude is overwhelming.

As for why I left, or what’s next… I have a lot of seeds planted, and I’m just watering them… tending to them… letting the sunlight shine heavy on them… and I can’t wait to see what they blossom into.

I know that’s vague, but I share enough personal stuff on here so I think I’m fine with leaving this part to be a mystery… for now.


Take a peek at my goals for June and maybe gain some inspiration for your own goals!

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for June’s favorites!




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  1. Congrats on being a vegetarian for a whole month! I’m actually thinking of going vegetarian myself but I don’t exactly know where to start… looking forward to your vegetarian post. xx

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