5 Minute Vegan Lunch!

One of my latest food obsessions has been zucchini noodles! I know the “zoodle” fad began years ago, but I’m just finally on the zucchini bandwagon so I can tolerate them a little bit more now. Recently, a friend made a mix of zucchini and squash noodles and I was thoroughly impressed.

So, as you can imagine, I’ve been cooking them as much as possible and trying to make them work in all sorts of dishes.

This time, I created a FAB pita pocket with zoodles and hummus – just that simple. I know this is gonna sound super cheesy cause I’m a cornball, but I was super proud of this lunch and literally thought to myself “what a beautiful meal I just created for myself”. And the feeling still remains every time I reminisce on it!

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I paired this veggie-licious meal with my fantastic green smoothies. I’ve been making them the same way for a few months now, tweaking a few ingredients here and there but overall – I keep making them better and better every time.

Check out my recipe here 😉


W H A T   Y O U ‘ L L   N E E D

  1. Fresh pita! These were so soft and fluffy! (Everything is Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s is everything.)

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2. Hummus! My preferred choice: Roasted Garlic flavor. But go with whatever your fav is!

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3. ZOOOOOODLES! And squash noodles. Squoodles?

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T I M E   T O   E A T

4. Cook up your zoodles and squoodles. I sautéed mine but I like them kinda crunchier so I tossed them over some olive oil and minced garlic only for a few minutes.

5. Stuff your pita with some hummus! Stuff it real good. Think of me when you do it.

6. Plop your zsquoodles inside your lil pocket!!

Pair with some lil tortillas for a crunchy munch on the side. It compliments the squishy hummus! Also I highly recommend a cold pressed juice or smoothie or somethin nutritious to drink on the side. Such a fresh and healthy meal!

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If you guys make your own zoodle pockets, OR if you have any other zoodle squoodle recipes to share PLEASE let me know!

Thanks for reading 🙂