MAY goals | Aspirations & Intentions

  • Read something once a day – I did not end up reading one particular thing per day, but I did read MORE than I usually do. Which is good enough for me!
  • Physical self-care — chiropractor, acupuncture, or a facial – I did go to the chiropractor!
  • Get my hair done or do it myself – Nope.
  • Write more improv poetry – I wrote more expressions and random free writing, but no specific poetry. 
  • Go for a walk once a week – I walked quite a bit for the first week of May and then walked a ton while in Tampa!
  • Learn to love a new vegetable & add it into regular diet — squash or beets – I enjoyed incorporating more squashing my diet, but was NOT a fan of beets.
  • Journal every other day – physical or here on the blog – I’m really proud of the amount of journaling I did this month and I hope to keep it up.
  • Travel… – Bingo! Done 😉
  • Take more spontaneous pictures (out and about) – Still working on this one, but I have a feeling I’m already in the swing of this for June.
  • Hug people more – I think the human race could always use more hugs, but I did hug more than usual this month. 

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I hope everyone has a splendid May 🙂




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