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This month has been super proactive over here at Laura the Leo!

For a while during the winter and especially early spring, I was struggling with feeling really good about myself (weird for a Leo, right?). I know a lot of us usually say this, but I really was not happy with what I saw in the mirror. And that’s VERY unlike me. I don’t know what it is, but this month has felt different. I’m feeling like my normal old self – conceited and loving every second of it ;). Just kidding. A little. Not totally conceited. Just really into myself. And that makes me happy! I won’t ever feel bad for that. We should all be conceited. WOOH empowerment!
Maybe it was doing my makeup a different way, switching up my skin care routine and taking care of breakouts, or just seeing my hard work from the gym pay off. Either way, I’m excited to share my happy and confident vibrations from April with ya’ll!


Laura the Leo turned ONE  on 4/20Yes, one year ago I got super stoned and had the genius idea to create a blog. Thank you, enlightenment.

My roommate and I spent the afternoon enjoying the cliffs of Jamestown. We hiked and climbed through the edge of our world, admiring the line where the sky meets the ocean, almost as if you could see the curve of the planet.

We spread out my tapestry and plopped down, exhausted from hiking. We dozed off here and there as the sun speckled through the leaves of the trees above our heads.

I suddenly had the plain and simple thought, and aloud I stated: “I think I’m gonna start a blog.”

We drove home as the sun set behind us and after having a snack, I opened my computer. I started an account and began editing my design.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a whole year, but at the same time it feels about right. I’ve got SO much work to do still. This is just the beginning of my path and I’m still going to learn so much down this road.

I have absolutely loved and adored having this as my creative outlet. No matter who’s actually reading my posts, what the views and likes are – I do this for me. I love that I can help and inspire people along the way, but really this platform gives me something to work for. It keeps me on track with my life, and it lets me implement my creativity into something feasible.

I want to thank whoever you are that are reading this right now – you seriously mean so much, and I know you’ll hear every blogger in the media say that, but really. Every single one of you matter to me. Don’t ever think your support goes unnoticed.

So much love.


I’ve been more into fashion lately than I ever have been in my life.

I assume most reading this have already, but just incase – take a peek at my two latest look books! You can read all about my collaboration with my stylist and her team.

Check them out!

1st Look Book

2nd Look Book 

Here’s a quick overlook, but make sure to peek at my previous posts for more details.



U2 – War

The Beatles – Sgt Peppers


More Life – Drake. (I don’t think I need to say anything else about that…)

Z – SZA. I was listening to this quite frequently in March as well, but this month 3 particular songs stuck with me: Warm Winds, Julia, Babylon. 


Lovit & Down – both by Marian Hill

Maniac – Jhene Aiko

Lovesick – Mursa Masa

All my love – Led Zep

One Hunnid Racks – Future Esco Terrestrial

Lose You – Drake

A Place Like This – Majid Jordan


Here are the beauties, artists and influencers I’ve been stalking all April!






Cooking & Eating

In March I started with a more plant-based diet and only allowing myself to eat meat once a week (I’d love to talk about this more in-depth, so if you guys want to see a post let me know!). Up until about 6 months ago, I was not a huge veggie fan! My whole life I’ve really hated eating vegetables, and I was an extremely picky eater as a kid. I’ve eaten really “clean” (generally speaking) for years and always been conscious about what I put inside my body, though. Luckily, my palette has adapted with age and it’s gotten easier for me to shove foods jam packed with nutrients into my mouth. In fact, I actually really enjoy eating veggies now.

It’s become a habit of mine to try a new vegetable every month. In the beginning of the year, it was asparagus. I was always so afraid of/intimidated by asparagus, thinking I wouldn’t like it – and then I cooked it myself and didn’t stop for like two months.

This month I’ve been dying for zucchini! I can’t believe it wasn’t a regular part of my diet before. There’s so many ways to cook it and it goes with almost any dish. I’ve been loving it on kebobs with other goodies, sautéed or roasted in the oven.

Aside from welcoming new veggies into my life, I’ve basically completely cut out dairy. I’ve found some great dairy free milk and cheese alternatives that taste just as good as the real thing. Aside from ice cream sundaes with my family every now and then, it’s a pretty good feeling not shoving molded cream (yes, that’s cheese) into my face by the handfuls!

Colors of the month: 

Peach/Rose Gold & Navy. (but especially peach). I’ve just been loving the fade out of my pink hair and on certain days it would come through as a beautiful rosy peach. It inspired my latest instagram feed/colors and I hope to keep it up for a while.

It’s also a perfect color to tie into a springy, floral and colorful feed. (Would anyone be interested in a video of how I plan out my instagram feed/edit pictures? Let me know! It’s one of my favorite things to talk about.)


n o s t a l g i c

c o n f i d e n t

b r i g h t

e m o t i o n a l

R E F L E C T  I O N

April blog posts: (oldest to latest)

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Photographer Feature: @marchetti23

Elements of Astrology / FIRE

How to handle CONFLICT – I’ve basically lost all of my “friends” so far this year, for some reasons maybe I’m to blame, maybe some for them. People who, I thought were my friends. I know it’s all a part of life and that I’m changing so much, and so will my friendships. But it’s unfortunate to have to face conflict at any time in life. I had a few thoughts after reflecting on them and wanted to share my thinking with you.

To be honest, I don’t have much to say about this month. I feel change on the horizon, I feel it in my bones through to my soul. I feel impact. It’s coming. Maybe I’ll have a little more to say in May’s favorites 😉


For now, I hope you enjoyed another monthly favorites post and had a beautiful April.

Check out my May Goals post to keep up to date with my aspirations this month and maybe get some inspiration.

Thanks so much for reading.




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