Elements of Astrology – FIRE

Welcome to the very first post in my Element series! Here we’ll be observing the three fire signs.

If you’ve yet to see the introduction to this series, I’ll link it here.


LEO (7/22-8/22)

ARIES (3/20-4/19)

SAGITTARIUS (11/21-12/21)

Fire signs are, as you would expect, fierce, bold and feisty.

They impact everything they touch, much like a forest fire spreading through the wild.

They are often untamable, stubborn and you may get burned if you come too close.

While the outside aspects of the fire sign leave these three zodiac to seem threatening and intimidating, the fire signs are actually burning with passion on the inside. When thinking about fire, we think of how quickly, powerfully and intensely it burns and spreads. That is similar to the flame that resides in the hearts of Sagittarius, Leo and Aries. These three signs are no force to be reckoned with, especially when you are handling the kindling of their emotions. They are willing to burn for everything they love. And what they do love, they do with the entirety of their being. There is no half-assing with these signs. It’s all or nothing, because they just can’t control the wildfire that is their passion.




Aries is a fixer. A do-er. Problem solvers, teachers and creators, they grab a task by the reigns and run with it. Others find comfort in the generosity of Aries – always lending a hand or heart for advice. They go big or go home when learning – they want (and their ego needs) to know it all. Sometimes, this can lead others to believe that Aries is a know-it-all and often has tendencies to be show-offy, but in reality, they mean no harm. They just want to KNOW everything. Aries uses their fire to impact the lives around them, and are protective of their family and those they love. Touching, doing, creating and making their life come alive with the flick of their flame.

Color Associated: Red

Symbol: the Ram

Planet: Mars




Sagittarius is often promiscuous, aggressive and driven. They are hard workers and when they do something, they have to do it 100%. Sag are often strong influencers of beauty, carry themselves with a high head and often do not care about the validation or opinions from the world outside of their home. They just #DGAF. Sometimes hard to read, a Sagittarius is secretive and clever, especially in the world of love. They are brutally honest and never sugar coat anything. Sagittarius thrive off self love, indulgence and the luxuries of life. Though hard to tie down into a serious relationship, when they are in love, they are willing to give their partner their all.

Color Associated: Orange

Symbol: The Archer

Planet: Jupiter




Leo is best when they are the center of attention. If heads don’t turn as they enter a room, their job isn’t complete. They carry themselves in such a way where others see them as confident (sometimes cocky, to a fault) and proud. They seek to be respected, admired and honored by others. Leo thrives off of the way people view them, and it tends to overcome any of their other priorities. Often misunderstood by the outside opinions of the world, Leo hides a lot of their sensitivity and need for validation. Leos are very comfortable with sexual desire – they are passionate lovers and soulmates. Leo uses their fire to carry the flame of their emotions in their soft core – their heart burning deep with romance, sexuality and creativity.

Color Associated: Yellow, Gold

Symbol: the Lion

Planet: the Sun


Comment and let me know if you relate to any of these fiery traits! I’d love to hear from some fellow fire signs like myself.

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