LUSH Bath Bombs for your Zodiac Sign!

DISCLAIMER: This is not my original idea. I saw a post from this blog and wasn’t very impressed by the results. As an astrology whiz and a literal LUSH expert (hey, I’m an employee, I get paid to know this stuff) I think my judgement has the upper hand. Grab some sunglasses cause it’s getting shady.



Loud and proud, indeed you are. In with a bang and out with some snap-crackle-pop, you can always hear an Aries before you see them. Fizzbanger is almost as bright as Aries’ personality, and they stand strong and tall among the rest. One of the first ballistics* ever created and still sold in shops to this day, Fizzbanger (and Aries) are made for persistence.

*ballistic: a formula for bath bombs (patented by LUSH) that has a high content of Cream of Tartar on the outer layer – resulting in a foamy, creamy fizz.


Guardian of the Forest

As if the Earth queen herself created this bath bomb – it’s fit for those especially one with Mother Nature. The Rosewood oil that’s released in this fizzer is ethically sourced from an area of land protected by LUSH and only LUSH. When our ethical buying team heard that this magical Protected Peruvian forest was saught to be torn down and turned into buildings… we panicked. And thus, we bought all of the land and our rights to it! So here we stand, guarding the forest’s arms with every use of this special bomb, just like the heavily grounded and passionate Taurus.


Over and Over

A part of you is always hidden from the world, Gemini – but please don’t think we discourage you for it. Just like Over and Over, your mind bobs back and forth through personalities throughout the day. As vivid and eye catching as this two-sided turner, a Gemini is deeply concerned with physical appearance and will most likely not step foot outside unless they are looking to the nines. However the beautiful, it can be hard going back and forth all day, so sometimes at the end of it all – Gemini just needs a bath.


Big Blue

One with the sea, as expected – Cancer is the mermaid of the zodiac, just as Big Blue is to the bath bomb family. Hand harvested sea salt and softening sea weed float around the depths of the sea your tub, and any Cancer should feel right at home.


Dragon’s Egg

Often misinterpreted by the world, a Leo is not as what meets the eye. Just like Dragon’s egg, this sign keeps their heart of glimmering gold hidden and secluded from any outsider to judge. Once a Leo’s shell is cracked, however, the emotions run wild. Just like this creamy and foamy fizzed, you’ll slowly see a core of gold glitter start to immerse in your waters and the seemingly bland outer layer disintegrate. With a lemon sherbet scent, rice confetti and even pop rocks – this ballistic will give you a burst of revitalizing, recharged energy… similar to that of a Leo’s bright and radiating aura.


Yoga Bomb

Earthy and zen af, Yoga bomb seems calm, cool and collected on the outside. Just like a Virgo, they’re actually bursting with color and passion in their center! Virgo can sometimes struggle with allowing their emotions space to breathe – so Yoga bomb will certainly help them release their inner woes. With Sandalwood and Ho Wood to keep ground – Virgo will feel very much in their own environment.


Sex Bomb

Intriguing, sensual and desirable – Libra needs a bath bomb that can get them even more in the mood. Feminine and inspiring, everyone is drawn to this bath bomb at first glance (as we are all to Libra)!



Dark, deep, and expansive – Scorpio is at their best in the finest hours of dark nights. They connect with the stars and the skies and they channel different dimensions through their mystical ways.


Lava Lamp


What happens when you mix energizing citrus with the groovy intentions of peace and calming? A sign built of passion and energy, Sagittarius’ are laid back and tend to never be concerned with the outside influences of the world. Lava lamp brings the good vibes of the 70’s into your bathtub and the brightening tangerine oil soothes your senses to go-with-the-flow.



Capricorn, let’s face it – you’re too hard on yourself. You need a little pick-me-up. The Neroli oil used in Frozen bath bomb will stimulate the serotonin in your brain and lift the weight off your shoulders. You deserve a little credit for all your hard work, after all.


Feminine and proud – this sign deserves some indulgence. Aquarius are often too concerned with the logic and putting together the pieces of life – so a little romance and tender care can’t hurt. Aquarius, let your brain take some rest as you soak away in this calming rose bath fizz. If the yellow rose petals that emerge at the end of this bath bomb aren’t enough to melt your heart… it may just be stone cold 😉



As complex as you are, dear Pisces, Intergalactic brings the mysteries of the night sky into your bath tub. Be entranced by the constellations of biodegradable glitter in your tub as this bomb fizzes away. Peppermint oil is used to stimulate the senses and assist in releasing toxins from your body. Pisces can tend to absorb negative energy from their surroundings easily, so it’s important for them to release…


Have you ever tried the bath bomb for your sign? Let me know and share your bath bomb experiences!

Stay lovely,



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