Happy official SPRING!! I was REALLY feeling the springy vibes this month, although we still have a few light blankets of snow dusted through the state here in little Rhody. Keep reading to see what I’ve been up to this month 🙂 

I did the best I could to fight the last of the winter blues away, and I stayed uplifted by adding some floral colors into my life. I dyed my hair pink this month! It was literally March 2nd. I spent the day at my hair salon and transformed my old faded rusty red to a light and fluffy pinky. We started out a little bit darker and brighter so that way it could fade into the dusty pink I was going for. Enjoy this little VLOG of my day at the salon!


Love out of Lust – Lykke Li

Space Song; Zebra – Beach House

Chasing Shadows – Santigold


As I’ve stated before, I don’t read. I don’t enjoy it, I’m not good at it. But when I do read something, it’s gotta be something that REALLY aligns and resonates with me. This month it’s The Messy Heads magazine. Here’s their website and Instagram. I don’t want to try and explain what their magazine is like on here… because I’ve had an awfully hard time trying to pinpoint it to something specific. But, I think that was their goal. I’ve been so moved and touched and motivated and inspired by what I’ve read so far. I strongly recommend grabbing one!


I took a Bartending class this month!

Today (3/30) was actually my very last day and I just take a test tomorrow. So, I’m ending the month on a note of completion and accomplishment! Perfect for the Aries new moon this week as well.

I received quite the mixed opinions about bartending school – but if you know a Leo, you know we make decisions based on what WE want and know for ourselves, and we don’t really care who says what along the way.

I can’t wait to start bartending and learn the industry from the ground up!


on Netflix:

Grace and Frankie – This show is SO CUTE. My mom mentioned it to me because one of her good friends really liked it. It’s more middle-aged woman humor, but I thoroughly enjoy it lol. It’s fun to follow and although there’s only 2 seasons so far I already feel so connected to the characters! UPDATE: THEY RELEASED A 3RD SEASON THIS MONTH AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT WAS COMING. IT WAS MEANT TO BE A MARCH FAV.

in Theatre:

Of course, Beauty and the Beast. – My favorite Disney movie, my favorite princess, and Emma Watson – who my parents insist I resembled as a kid when I waved my hair in braids. Needless to say, it hit me right in the feels. I cried every time I watched the trailer, but only shed about 7 tears in the actual theatre! The imagery and design was unreal. Simply magnificent. A must-see.


Pinks and greens.

Colors are a huge part in themes and phases of my life. Lately, pink and green are just coming up quite frequently. A friend recently told me that pink and green actually vibrate at the same wavelength, and when the human eye sees one we should actually be seeing the other. Isn’t that cool? Another fun fact is that green is the color that represents divinity and intuition (also the heart chakra) – therefore pink is as well…


On the topic of love, my 2nd sweet baby sister, Arya Violet, made her way into this Earth on Wednesday, 3/29! She is a beautiful specimen of life and I’m so excited I get to be a big to another little ray of light!!

Being a big sister was a dream of mine since as far back as I can remember. My big sister is wonderful, but we never had a super close relationship growing up, as she’s 9 years older than me. I always wanted to have a little mini me to spoil and be best friends with. When my parents got divorced, I knew that there was hope because my dad was young and most likely would remarry. And voila! A few years later, my stepmom came into the picture, and when I was 16 she blessed me with my first baby sister, Ava Marie (3y/o).

Despite the age difference, I feel so connected with my littles. It’s a different kind of love when you’re practically two decades older than your siblings. I have more of a sense of nurture, looking after and care to give them – compared to the “usual” sibling age difference that have more ball-busting tendencies.

I couldn’t be more thankful to be the super rad big sissy that I am, and I’ll never get sick of seeing those little faces run into my arms.


Fun fact: I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on my blog, but I secretly LOVE to cook. I used to prefer baking and sweets, but since I’ve been eating more veggies and cooking for myself I’ve really grown to love it. I cook for hours at a time, at least a few times a week. I tend to get lost in it sometimes and just cook until there’s nothing left to cook.

Recently I made some magic cookie protein bars as well as homemade granola bars and I’m 9/10 impressed with how they came out!


If you guys would be into seeing some more recipe stuff on here PLEASE let me know! It would require a bit of adjustment (for photo taking and customizing) and I want to put the effort in as long as people will enjoy it!!



Here’s two of my very, very talented and equally beautiful friends and their work!

LeahI have known my dear Leah since literal preschool. Her and her younger sister and I were the 3 musketeers growing up! We had bright and beautiful imaginations as kids; constantly playing dress up and adventuring (ever-so-slightly) through the woods behind her house, which I remember like the back of my hand. Our families would even exchange Christmas gifts and celebrate special occasions together. We grew apart in middle school, as most childhood friendships do. My parents eventually divorced and a while later hers did too. Even through our childhood, our parents raised us quite differently. They stressed different morals and opinions, but nonetheless, Leah and I ended up actually obtaining a lot of similar interests and beliefs now that we’re in our adult life. Leah is an Aries, a fire sign like myself, and we understand each other really well.

Leah has been so musically talented ever since we were little. And today, she continues her passion and is a voice teacher! She is an opera singer but teaches lessons to younger children who are aspiring to be a singer too. If you know someone interested then check out her page for more info!


Kayla – I actually discovered this beaut right here on WordPress! We were instantly drawn to each other’s blogs, and, after reading 90% of her posts I knew that I we had quite a bit in common. Come to find out, Kayla was born a day before me. Same year and all! She’s a Leo of my own heart and it makes so much sense why we enjoy each other’s content in the way we do. I love her way of writing and self expression, I love the aesthetic of her photos, her “genuinity” (a word that’s not a word but it works), and just how BEAUTIFUL AND SWEET SHE IS. We talk frequently and have gotten to know a bit of each other’s stories. SOCIAL MEDIA IS BEAUTIFUL. This is why I do what I do. To connect like this!!

Kayla lives in Florida where I sit solemnly in New England – so we unfortunately have some distance between us. I hope that I can get down South for a visit and meet this gem some day very soon!!


R E F L E C T  I O N 

The Pisces/Aries transition month is a beautiful period of emotion, action, inspiration and creativity. I think I’ve done a good job at keeping all of my plates balanced this month. I’m feeling content and happy with my diet and eating routine – having one day a week (Sunday) where I eat just about whatever I want, and taking great care of my insides by eating clean and mostly vegetarian the rest of the week.

I’ve definitely set up some goals and plans this month, but I’m feeling quite stagnant in a lot of different aspects. Money/finances, reaching my ambitions/goals and cleanliness/organization will be some of my focuses for April.

With just a few periods of stress and anxiety this month, I can say I’ve come out with my head high above the waters and I’m very grateful for where I’m rooted right now.

Let’s see what April has in store.


Thanks so much for reading, stay lovely.




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