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Get organized 2k17!!!!!

Some tips to create a real actual literal semi-organized life and be a real actual semi-adult from yours truly.

1. Get a file folder

Every adult has actual bills and real-life important things to file, amiright?

Seriously, even as a young adult I have so much shit that’s important enough to keep, but had nowhere to actually be kept in.

Grabbing a little accordion file folder instantly made me feel like I have my life together! Yay adulting!

I have it sorted with tabs (and LABELS!!! so much adult here) for bills, tax stuff, important car info, receipts, memos, etc.

2. “Spiffy up” every night before bed

This might just be my obsessive compulsive tendencies, but I literally cannot and will not fall asleep at ease if my room or my surroundings are messy and cluttered.

My nightly routine is to get myself situated before I actually plop down into my cloud of a bed. ‘Cause once I’m in there…. I’m not coming out.

I just situate my desk/dresser, hang things, fold any miscellaneous clothes, get my outfit and things ready for the next day and just put things in order.

My ex used to be all ready and tucked in for bed and I’d be running and scrambling around the room breathing heavily looking for something to fix/put back in place and he’d be like “what’s bothering u” and I’m like NOTHING I JUST CANT FIND ANYTHING ELSE TO MAKE NEAT.

This helps me feel better about getting up in the morning, too, because my life doesn’t seem so messy upon the immediate opening of my eyeballs!! Yay!!!


If you read my previous post, you saw me mention this on there too.

I just love lists. I love making em. I love all the list things. Pens. The little paper and the little lines on the paper. Lists. Foreva.

(If you’re getting that reference, I love you.)

In all seriousness – I think there’s some kind of psychology behind this, but I cannot make enough lists. Before I make a list, I make a list of the lists I need to make.

Oh my god Laura stop.

I have 6 notes in my phone and each of them are lists and each list has a title and each title has 3 (matching) emojis that imply what the list category could be about. Don’t believe me?

Every day when I go into work I start a list of things to do, important things to note, etc.

It just helps me feel accountable when I have to physically write or type out the things I’m experiencing.





Mine is The Happy Planner by Create 365. Once you start with a Happy Planner, you’re in it for good man. There’s really no turning back. They’ve got Washi tape. Planner covers.  Accessories which include fricken stickers, magnets, gosh darn stamps, flippin clips, ugh.

So many merry things for all of your planning needs.

There’s also another popular planner that my coworkers really love – Passion Planner.

There’s a huge world out there for planning, and it’s time you planned to get your life together.

Totally kidding. But like, if you need it…. it helps.

5. Take it one step at a time.

You won’t get your shit together with the snap of your fingers.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the stresses of being unorganized, just step back, look at the big picture and tackle one thing at a time. It helps to have a list of your priorities ready for this 😉

And, if it’s something that’s out of your control, don’t stress that thing.

Life is all about taking the highs and the lows and there will always be a happy medium where they balance out. Do what you can, do it when you can and make sure it’s for a good reason.

Thanks so much for reading, loves.

– Laura the Leo


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