How to: A Productive day off!

Enjoy my 5 quick tips to making your day off as productive as possible!

     1. Make a to do list.

Before I can even consider myself productive, I have to make a list. Make a list of the things you want, need, or are trying to do. It helps hold yourself accountable to setting your goals and intentions. Plus, it’s a sweet relieving feeling when you get to cross things off your list!

      2. Take a long shower.

I’m someone who views bathing as a form of meditation. So, for me, taking a nice hot shower either at the start or finish of my day sets me up for productivity and renewal.

If this doesn’t work for you, just clean yourself, for pete’s sake 😉

      3. Make, cook or buy good food.

Lately I’ve been really into cooking in my spare time. Not only is it something that needs to get done, you know, for survival purposes, but it keeps me happy and occupied. Once I start cooking one thing, I’ll quickly clean up those dishes, and then I usually just go on a spree and find more things to cook. I never cook just for a little, I usually spend at least over an hour or two cooking. It feels good to not only treat yourself to good quality food, but it makes you feel proud preparing your own meals and getting to taste them yourself! And, besides, cooking your own food means you can lick the spoon. And your fingers. Duh.

      4. Create something.

Of course I had to include this. Now, “creativity” doesn’t equal productivity for everyone. So, take this word lightly. I feel most productive when I get some photos edited, a few blog posts drafted, jot down some ideas, and even get a few things posted and published. I also feel productive when I at least set the intentions to be creative. Even if you just make plans to see someone, or set the motion of something – that’s creation!

    5. Have a worthwhile conversation with someone.

Just take a few moments and let yourself converse. Maybe you’re out in public and the barista making your coffee is chatty; maybe a friend texts you about some dream they had. Respond to the world reaching out to you. Open conversations in whatever way, shape or form, help your brain stay active and productive. By actively listening and thoughtfully responding, your brain throws around all sorts of messages and releases different hormones based on the feelings implemented in your conversation. It’s so cool how our bodies work in ways we don’t necessarily intend them to.


Sometimes I get too hard on myself if I have a considerably “unproductive” day off. As all days off from physical work are slim and sacred, I feel that I need to make the absolute most of my day. One day I felt like such shit about it, and I sat here and made a list of things I consider productive. Then, I applied that to a general “day off” – not specific to me – and what those things might mean to anyone.

With that said, I hope you enjoy your day off and make it as productive as you can!!

Thanks so much for reading.


– Laura the Leo


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