Health Kick: My green smoothie!

As of lately I’ve been making a TON of smoothies! I like them for breakfast and occasionally after workouts. They keep me full, they’re tasty and they’re a super easy way to get a bunch of nutrients in one go. Especially if you’re like me and any type of green food isn’t really your thing.

So, I hope you enjoy my favorite green smoothie recipe!


  • Frozen (or fresh) fruit – being frozen prevents from getting watery!
  • Your choice of milk and/or juice. (Most juice is high in sugar and excess additives, but this one is JUST pineapple juice, and the enzymes are so good for your insides!)
  • Greens powder (optional)
  • REAL GREENS! (I used a spinach, kale and chard mix!)

  • Pour at least 8 oz of liquid total. I do mostly Pineapple Juice and then a splash of almond milk to get it creamy!
  • Next is frozen fruits! I have an obsession with any citrusy fruits, so I did mango this time! Next time I go grocery shopping I’ll probably grab froz pineapple chunks.

Plop in a few chunks of these bad boys.

  • Nexxxxxt: go green. Add a handful of your favorite cringe-worthy green.

  • More fruit! I usually would have done frozen banana but I had none ready. So I used a few chunks of this guy and then froze him to his death.

  • Next is where I’ll throw in a scoop of greens! I use this one by Advocare but there are many different green powders out there in nutrition shops.

  • Now grab some seeds! If you have either, both Flax and Chia are great nutrient-rich seeds.

Pro tip: Chia seeds actually have to be ground up in order to get the benefits! If they are consumed with the whole seed, they actually don’t get digested and cause lots of issues that I won’t mention. Just grind em up.

Same with Flax seeds but not as crucial. The outer shell of Flax can swell up when submurged in water or fluid (the gel-like material resulting, is called Linseed Mucilage, and I learned that from working at a soap store). So if that’s in your belly it can cause bloating!

VOILA! You’ve got your green smoothie. I was feeling fancy and decided to throw mine in a bowl and decorate it as such, but it’s not necessary to be as extra as I am.


HOPE YOU LIKED IT! Stay tuned for more health kick goodness here on Laura the Leo.