Knead Doughnuts – Providence, RI

It’s been the talk of the town since opening in December and all the talk is well deserved.

I saw their pictures and followed their journey through Instagram (@kneaddoughnuts) for months leading up to the opening, and it was exciting to see it come to life!

This adorable and aesthetically pleasing gourmet doughnut shop is conveniently located in the heart of down city Providence (32 Custom House, Providence RI).

It wasn’t long before a quick competition came up for PVDonuts, but it was definitely necessary to have a shop on the other end of the city! Overall, I personally prefer the taste of Knead’s doughnuts, but I’ve heard it’s about 50/50 from anyone who has tried both.

Take a peek through my first steps into Knead Doughnuts!

It was a fairly cold and somewhat rainy day. My mom had surprised me with an appointment to get my tarot cards read at a friend of hers on the East Side.

The reading was conveniently timed the very next morning after my break up, and my soul was clearly in dire need (Knead…) of some doughnuts.

My mom and I spent probably ten minutes trying to decide what we wanted, and I still could have taken longer!

The two girls behind the counter were bubbly, enthusiastic and sweet! They sliced our doughnuts and carried them over to our table for us (we didn’t have enough hands), even though it’s not “sit-down” kind of dining.

Also, they were super patient with us while we made up our minds.

Although, they did have some samples out for our tasting desires… (you’d think that would make the process easier! Nope…)

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We ended up sharing the Ginger Earl Grey, Brown Butter Toffee (possibly the most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth) and a classic Jelly-filled!

Honestly the Brown Butter Toffee (top/middle) was to-die-for. It was sugary sweet, but nutty and buttery all at once. The nut-crumble topping literally melts in your mouth, it’s not too crunchy which was a pleasant surprise! The glaze icing is crusted to perfection, as the fluffy insides are soft and light.

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The seating arrangement is cozy, open and light but also secluded.

I wish I took  a better shot of the coffee station, it was so cute!


Overall, I’ll be going back to Knead for my donut necessities. There was no waiting in line, which was a huge selling point for me. I also loved that they let you pick from a selection of samples! It’s really a genius business technique.

If you’ve yet to make your way to Knead, I highly recommend you do so.

You won’t regret it!