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Something I wanted to be a part of in the blogging/media community is doing regular monthly favorites posts. My goal for 2017 was to start this series so ideally, I’ll have 12 by the end of the year! I think favorites are a great conversational topic, plus I want to document little things in life and keep track of what’s happening when.

I want to hear what you guys have been loving for the first month of the year, so PLEASE tell me some of your favorite things and goodies in the comments!

Without further adue… kick back, relax and enjoy my FAVS!!


It’s important to know… I’m not a reader. I don’t enjoy reading, I have a terrible attention span and can’t usually pay attention to one thing for an elongated amount of time.

A lot of what I read will be magazines, poetry or tiny booklets for fun and recreation.


This sweet Happinez mag! My dad put this in my stocking and it’s wonderful.

It’s jam-packed with articles about meditation, life, love, physical and mental health – and it shares beautiful stories of women and people and their journeys.



Curled inside the curve of his body – Linda King

(This book is so near and dear to me. I cry so much. That’s all.)

Bloggers to follow:

I have a hard time finding content that I resonate with. Being a hybrid of beauty, lifestyle, poetry, fashion, and expression here on Laura the Leo, I want to find other creators who put out the same kind of material as I do!

I recently discovered @ducky143! She’s adorable, eccentric and has a beautiful purpose to what she does. She has a side brand/account with a friend (@purplgoat) called @youcanvibratehigher. Check both out if you’re into a heightened or elevated perspective on life, or if you’re looking to vibrate higher!

Some other pages/accounts I’ve been stalking lately are:







I always love spreading news about what pages I’m loving! Check those folks out and let me know if you love any as much as I do.


How to read tarot cards! The deck I recently got is by The Wild Unknown. The artwork is beautiful, the deck is easy to read and it comes with a 200 page book that goes in-depth on how to work with the deck. I’ve gotten to do a few readings on myself and on others so far this month! I’m super excited to get more into it.

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I tend to not listen to what’s actually coming out or trending with music. I go through phases of listening to my favorite albums and artists in and out. For example, last summer was alllll Paradise by Lana del Rey but autumn was more The Real Life of Pablo by Kanye.

This month, I have been listening to:

on Spotify:

Say it – Flume feat. Tove Lo

ANTI – Rihanna – I have a tendency to go through albums, months, or even years after they’re released and that’s when I have a thing for them. I like to swim against the current.

Broadripple Is Burning – Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s – I can’t even talk about this song without having tears flooded to my eye sockets. Something about it.

On Hold – The xx

on Vinyl:

Led Zeppelin 2

Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

Lana del Rey – Born to Die

Daft Punk – Discovery

Billy Joel – The Nylon Curtain. Laura was written for me, obviously.


Ink & More:

I got a new tattoo this month!

I had wanted a sun for a really long time, but could never find the exact one that I wanted. At first I didn’t want it to have a face, then I changed my mind a few times again. My artist listened to everything that I was saying that I liked and disliked, and he free-handed our own original work. Thus, my Mister Sun came to life!

I love him, his face, and what he means to me so so very much. Thanks to Cooper at Hold Steady for killing it!

(Ignore the markings from my pants.)



– Shameless. After three people mentioned it to me within a 2-day span, I had to just go for it. I’m into it based on the first few episodes, it’s just hard for me to watch because the only time I usually watch Netflix is when I’m going to bed. I usually pick something that’s easier to fall asleep to, such as…

– The office. I was a religious ran of The Office for the first 6 seasons, and then just kinda grew out of it. I thought it had lost its flare once Jim got promoted. So I started over again and picked back up around Season 2, then decided to jump way ahead and give Season 8 a chance. So far so good.

– Master of None.


– Tangled. OKAY I HAVE A THREE YEAR OLD SISTER AND I WATCHED IT FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS MONTH. It’s soooo cute. I really enjoy watching it.

– La La Land. I cried like a baby at the end, I have no idea why. The tears just kept coming. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are beautiful in every way possible and I was impressed with the production of the film, somewhere between a musical and a drama. The color scheme/aesthetic did seem a little bit been-there-done-that but I can appreciate the soul behind it. A must see.


I’m going to Philly! I’m staying in a cute little AirBnb with a glorious bathtub.

While I’m there, I’ll be going to the LUSH SPA!! I’ve only been to the NYC location for my previous treatments, but I’m really excited to see this one. It’s like 78% of the reason I picked Philly. Also it’s a mini bucket list thing for me to visit the local LUSH closest to every place that I travel to!

I’ll be exploring the city and just making my way around. Stay tuned for a possible VLOG of my whole trip!


This month certainly had a change of pace for me. As some of you may already know, my boyfriend and I decided to end our relationship. It was abrupt and unexpected and sad, but necessary. We are still extremely close, which is unusual for me after a breakup. We will always love each other, but just can’t make it work right now and we both need to put ourselves first.

After my breakup, I came to a lot of realizations about myself and things that I’ve done to push people out of my life. I’ve basically handed them their jacket and escorted them to the door. What I’m left with is the reflection in the mirror, and I’m just trying to figure out  how I can change these things. While it’s important to hold myself accountable for what I’ve done, I refuse to be led into a pit of self-doubt and shame. I am confident in my knowing that I’ve done wrong and as long as I’m aware, that’s all I can do right now. I know this is just a transitional period and that there’s always a rainbow after the rain.

I am firmly headed in the direction and path that is meant for me, and I’m confident in that. All I can do right now is take care of my smile and my soul.


What were some things you enjoyed, learned, realized, or thought about this month? It’s obviously been a heavy time in terms of political stress (did you notice I didn’t mention any of that nonsense here?), so that can sometimes have an intense effect on our overall moods and emotions, especially for empaths. I’ve just been doing anything spontaneous that brings some light and happiness to my soul! At the end of the day, if we’ve at least done that much then we’re good.

Share with me your January favorites and stay tuned for next month’s!


– Laura the Leo


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