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I’m sure you’ve heard about the natural toothpaste bandwagon that a lot of people seem to be jumping on these days.

That’s all fun and great, but let’s talk for a minute about why we want to switch to natural based toothpaste.

Common toothpaste, such as your Crest or Colgate, is loaded with sugars, sulfates, fluoride and preservatives. I’m sure you can assume why we wouldn’t want to be loading our bodies with those kind of chemicals.

Saccharin is a common ingredient in toothpaste used as a sweetener. It has been said that this ingredient has caused kidney cancer in lab rats. Also, why would we buy a toothpaste that has been tested on lab rats? I promise their teeth are a lot different from ours. Animal testing does not give us safe products. Also, Saccharin is only used to give you the sweet taste in your mouth so you don’t gag on all the other fake shit inside. When using a natural toothpaste, it will not taste as sweet. Some would even say their first brush with a natural toothpaste tastes salty. It’s not that, it’s just that your mouth is trained and conditioned to a sweet toothpaste. Anything else is going to be different.

SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) is used as a detergent, to foam. It’s what gives you that sudsy clean feeling. And… nothing else. The absolute only purpose it serves is to trick your mouth to feeling extra clean, when in reality, a surfactant is not necessarily going to make your teeth cleaner. It’s just an illusion. When using a natural toothpaste, you will notice it won’t foam nearly as much. That’s okay. Your teeth are still getting clean, I promise.

Fluoride is something that is actually toxic if you get enough of it. Obviously, you won’t be affected just by using your regular toothpaste. It’s not about that. It’s about how powerful and looked over the ingredient is. It’s literally considered toxic. And we put it in our mouths twice a day… just something to think about.

So, the point of natural toothpaste is to get rid of bacteria. Not to taste amazing, not to foam up, not to act like a soap.

Natural toothpaste contains enough cleansing ingredients that they still get rid of plaque. Besides, the thing that really cleanses is the actual act of brushing… like if you sing your ABCs when you brush or not, and how decent your toothbrush is.

Keep on reading to see my fav toothpaste alternatives!

LUSH – Toothy Tabs!

These are little mint-like tabs that you pop in your mouth, chew up, brush, and spit out.

They are made of baking soda and cream of tartar – the baking soda fizzes (like a bath bomb for your mouth!), and the cream of tartar is amazing to soften and pull off any scum and dirt and plaque. Both of these are awesome for whitening. Haven’t you heard of the baking-soda-on-your-toothbrush trick? Well, these bad boys are straight up baking soda.

LUSH offers 7 unique flavors, including but not limited to, a classic triple mint flavor.

The “flavors” are just essential oil blends that happen to taste real frickin good.

Each flavor has a different combination of oils offering different effects and tastes on the teeth. So if you prefer mint, passionfruit or orange oil, there’s something for everyone.

Two of my favorites are Boom! and Limelight.

Boom is a cherry-cola flavored charcoal tab. Charcoal is an awesome ingredient to really attach to dirt and pull it away. And it gets all grey and black when you brush so you look like a zombie!

Limelight is like a fizzy lime soda or a sweet key lime pie. I just love the fruity and zesty taste of this one.

LUSH – Tooth Powder

So, remember everything I told you up there ^ about toothy tabs? Yeah, so a tooth powder is THAT, just already crushed up. Powdery, instead of solid tabs! I personally prefer the powder because it’s already ground up really fine, where as the tabs you have to chew to get them crushed up. It’s just a matter of preference.

Another difference is the essential oils and ingredients! The powders contain cold pressed oils – meaning that none of the nutrients are burned away in a heating process. A.K.A – better, richer, more pure and glorious.

One thing that is really important with both of these LUSH options, is the packaging. You’ll notice, being solid, they don’t contain water, therefore: a.) don’t contain preservatives and b.) don’t need to be kept in a tube. Toothpaste tubes, as I’m sure you know, are NEVER completely empty. There’s always product residue, therefore: a.) it can be a waste of money and b.) they sit around in landfills and are generally TERRIBLE for the environment.

Both of these options from LUSH are entirely recyclable and made from recycled materials as well.

Trader Joe’s Toothpaste

You may be surprised to learn that there’s actually a small selection of natural toothpaste at your local grocery store in the organic/natural hygiene care section. (I only go to Trader Joe’s for groceries, so I’m not sure of the selection at others! If you do know, please let me know!). But, next time you’re grocery shopping, try checking them out.

I’ve tried both of these:

I definitely prefer the Peppermint over the Antiplaque one, mainly because of the taste. I actually cannot stand the purple one, it makes me wanna gag.

But both of these are baking soda based, so they do not lather or suds up much like a detergent based toothpaste. The Antiplaque one does not contain Fluoride – as you can see. The peppermint one does. Again, it’s all a matter of preference.


I just wanted to share my experiences with natural toothpaste so maybe you guys can give them a try, and ditch the old ones!

Let me know if you have a current favorite natural toothpaste or if you try out any of these!

Thanks for reading!


– Laura the Leo