5 Tips for a Healthy Mind

  1. Use your apologies lightly.

It’s not healthy to apologize for things that don’t need apologizing. If you have someone who makes you feel like you need to apologize for something that you shouldn’t, then they’re the thing that’s making your mind unhealthy.

Things that don’t need apologies for:

– being who you are.

– saying what you mean (to some extent… just try to use a filter)

2. If you can’t change it, don’t stress over it.

This is something I’m always sure to communicate to my staff/coworkers, my boyfriend; anyone I come in contact with whose well-being I care about. It’s the root phrase and direction of my seemingly insensitive and “idgaf” attitude. But the truth is, if there’s nothing you can do, you just shouldn’t “gaf”.

3. Smile at people when you walk by.

Ugh, just do it…

4. Get in your element.

We use this phrase so lightly, but next time you say “ah, it feels good to be in my element!” really observe what your element is. Usually for me, I’ll say it after some time off at work and my first time back into the store. It feels good to be back in my element. Feels good to be surrounded by my familiar faces, colors, smells, clothing.

Sometimes I’ll be wearing cozy knit socks scrunched at the ankles, my skate high vans, favorite pair of leggings, black t-shirt and my empath necklace, with a cozy cardigan, and I’ll just feel so me. When everything just feels so right, simply because of what I’m walking around in.

There’s other times I’ll be spinning Lana in my record player, with a face mask on, maybe alone, maybe with one other person, writing, planning, creating or designing, maybe drinking some coffee or tea. That’s my element too.

There are so many ways to be in your element – it can be both physical and/or mental states.

Find the times that you’re most happy, take a moment to observe, listen, note – and recreate those moments when you need to regroup. Use them whenever you feel like you’ve been out of your element for too long.

5. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Or as I like to say, your tribe effects your vibe. If you don’t like someone, guess what… you don’t have to have them in your life. You don’t need to feel guilty for that. Surround yourself only with people who do good for you. Those who add quality, confirmation and validation into your life. Those who make you feel your best self, those who you can be your best self with. Do more of that.


It’s not always going to be an easy, smooth road to a healthy and happy mind.

Nothing worth obtaining ever comes with an easy, smooth road.

You have to invest in yourself. Make conscious effort… for you.

Do it for nothing, no one, but you.


I hope you guys use my favorite little tips for creating a happy mind, let me know if you use any in your life or if you have any particular rituals you do to stay sane!!

Thanks so much for reading.

– Laura the Leo xx