I lost my favorite lip balm

And for the week that I went without it, I deprived myself of lip hydration

I used two miscellaneous balms around the house

they’re never my first choice.

They dont sink in to my lips

they get dry within minutes

they don’t compare

to my favorite lip balm.

I bit my lips, picked at them and suffered

I’d pull each tab of broken skin

with my teeth

until it wrenched its way off.

They’d burn, sting, sometimes bleed,

on accident

I’d think of the anticipation

of the sweet, smooth relief,

buttery, soothing,

what it would feel like to

massage my lip balm onto the

dents and cuts

I created

The temperature’s decline pierced my dryness,

my lips would shrivel in the wind

So I bought a new lip balm