Cruelty Free Makeup Collection

Since the start of working at LUSH I’ve become so exposed to the harsh realities of animal cruelty in the cosmetic industry. It’s to go without saying why animal cruelty is outdated, pointless, inhumane and just flat-out fucking wrong. While I can’t save every bunny and beagle in the whole world, I know I can do my part regarding where I’m giving my money and what ethics I’m supporting when doing so.

Every time you buy a product from MAC or L’Oreal, you are supporting animal testing. You are handing them your money and saying you are for them. As a friend, sister, daughter, coworker, girlfriend, human being with compassion and knowledge – I won’t shun you, I will just be sure to provide you with education and tips to shopping cruelty free.

There is a lot of grey area when we hear “animal testing” or “cruelty” within the cosmetic industry. There are companies that own smaller companies, in which maybe the smaller ones do not, but the parent company does test on animals. That is the typical case with L’Oreal – they own SO many makeup brands it’s almost impossible to find their name not behind something.

There are a few ways to go about these parent companies:

a.) Supporting a small cruelty-free brand, even when the parent brand is not, could be considered a vote AGAINST cruelty. Reason being – if the company is smart enough to compare and contrast their sales and popularity, they may look at the cruelty free brand and wonder, “why is this one doing better?” and hopefully, eventually come to the understanding that people want cruelty free. This is a bit of a bigger picture – a less immediate impact. It will take longer to trickle up to the big bosses and it will take enough people buying cruelty free to make the difference.

b.) On a smaller level, you can simply not buy from any companies that have led to commission testing on animals. Plain and simple. Do your research, talk to a well educated Sephora or Ulta employee (I suggest asking for a manager or team leader to get the direct answers you want). And, don’t be afraid to be assertive – the more passive you are, the more they will fuck you over. I’ve shown my phone with a statement about animal testing when a Sephora employee told me some wrong information. Be assertive enough to get what you want, but don’t be rude. Just genuinely have a conversation with them. Sometimes I even say, “I don’t mean to be that stubborn person, I just need to know where my money is going”.

However which way you choose to shop, just be sure to do your research through reliable sources. Animal testing is something that a lot of people aren’t even aware of, especially with certain brands.

I used to do freelance makeup, and so, I had to build a huge makeup kit for traveling. I had lashes, applicators, and of course – an enourmous range of products, miscellanoues or not. It’s taken me some time and dedication, but I’ve finally cleared out enough of my collection so that I can say about 90% of the makeup I own is cruelty free. The only exceptions are some random brands that I keep in my makeup kit, in the not-so-likely chance I do pick up doing makeup on the side.

My system was as follows: I sorted out my makeup into daily use/professional use/client use. If I didn’t touch something in each section for a certain amount of time (say, 6 months for example) then I would just remove it from my drawer. In most cases, the makeup was old and ready to be thrown out anyways. But unfortunately, a lot of product did go to waste in the process of my detox – to me, it’s worth it.

So, going into the New Year I’m proud and excited to have a re-vamped, updated, and CRUELTY FREE makeup collection! From here on out I am committed to only buying from brands that are not testing on animals. I am not vegan nor vegetarian, but I am just trying to do my part where it matters to me. Without further adue, here’s a virtual walk-through of my favorite every-day cruelty free makeup products. Enjoy!!

Kat Von D:

Shade and Light Palette – I’ve clearly gotten my use out of this one! (Shoutout to Nury for getting this for me for Christmas last year… you da bomb)

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Kat Von D:

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Bow and Arrow


Kat Von D: 

Studded Lipstick – Chula

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Makeup Geek: 

Created and customized my own Z palette – I looove this system of picking your own favorite shades in a palette with everything you need for a full face. Can’t wait for it to be complete!

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LA Girl Cosmetics:

  • Pro HD Concealer in Peach, Green and Light Ivory
  • Pro HD Foundation in Natural and Fair – I mix the two depending on my skin that day


THAT’S ALL FOLKS! I just wanted to give you guys a small peek into some of my top favorites. If you’d want to see a more in-depth makeup collection let me know!

Besides that, if you are someone who has a lot more information on cruelty free and vegan products and have an opinion or feedback on my comments please let me know. I am open to learning more and getting the right facts!

Thanks ya’ll, hope you enjoyed.

XO – Laura the Leo