Throughout my life I’ve been told how admired I am because of the fact that I “tell it how it is” and I’m “not afraid to be myself” and that I “don’t care what people say.” I hate how typical these phrases sound, but in all honesty, I have never tried to be that person. This is just how I am. 

I think this is more relevant as I’ve become an adult, because we all tend to have that attitude, or act as if we do, more so in highschool and junior high. What some would call a “fuck it” attitude – not caring what people think.

See, I do care what people think, I care very much, actually. Sometimes, to a fault.

As a Leo, status is important to me and the height in which others view me is crucial. But, at the same time, I already know my status. I know how elevated I am. That is something I never need validation of, never need to hear it from someone – I am not this way because of other people. I am “this way” because of me.

A few weeks ago a coworker said to me, in admiration, “you’re very… raw.” They proceeded.

“What you see is what you get, you just lay it all out.” I was honestly so complimented.

Kat, if you’re reading this – thank you for your words. You ignited enough inspiration inside of me for this whole post and I truly appreciate our conversation that day.

And it’s true. I don’t hide anything about my being – I am not afraid to let myself be vulnerable. That is a continuing practice in my life and whenever I example vulnerability – whether it be in personal, career or romance – it pays off. Sometimes I get very touchy regarding my insecurities. I can tend to shut down when I feel attacked, but I remind myself to embrace the flaws I do contain and use them to my advantage – to my strength.


That was something really important for me to accomplish here with my blog.

I know that everything I do and say is coming from a place of purity – the bare naked truth. I wanted to use this platform to express my individualism, not to be another name coasting along the shoreline of mainstream blogging.

One thing you can always guarantee from me is just that. Honesty, realism, rawness.




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