Monday joys – 11/14

This morning I woke up with sleepy eyes and crusties around my lids. My mom and I had hosted a Friendsgiving party, so I was pretty exhausted when I hit the sheets. Kyle and I fell asleep to Leonardo DiCaprio, first in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and then in Wolf of Wall St. We try to watch a different movie every night.

I splashed some Bailey’s Pumpkin Spice into my coffee, continuing the festivities of the prior day. I squished my fluffy, chive-seasoned scrambled eggs onto my piece of toast with melty butter. Sipped my coffee.

I chatted with my mom in reflection of our get-together and how we want to do something like that every year. We had a fun time being control freaks together. I, on the artsy side with the party planning and decor and invites; and her with the maternal nature of cooking each dish to home-made perfection and creating an easy flowing environment.

After taking my dog outside for his morning stroll (I say stroll because he’s old and gets too tired from a full-on walk), I thought I’d indulge in the results of climate change and spend some time outside on our mid-50-degree November day. I grabbed a tapestry sheet, a prompted journal, a book, my liter size water bottle (I drink one per day), and two pens.

The piles of fallen orange leaves scattered across the courtyard like squirts of paint on an artist’s palette. They crunched and crisped beneath my moccasins and I wondered if I could find a tree with some shade still left on its branches. My eyes caught one on a bit of a hill with a large flat rock a few feet away from its trunk, and some decent shade with the sun trickling through to the grass beneath. Perfect. I parked myself there, confidently.

The wind would wave by occasionally, but never too much to chill your spine. And the dose of the sun was measured to perfection – his beams strong enough to pierce through your clothes so his warmth could touch your skin. It was my ideal Autumn day.

I sat in isolation with my pens and my journal for about forty minutes. I enjoy using writing prompts when I’m just relaxing and reflecting. They don’t take up too much thought or energy but they still get my creativity and brain pumping. A young woman walked her dog past my tree, I heard them before I saw them, thanks to our crunching leaves.

I sipped some water after coming up from my writing hunch – I sit with my neck bent over so my face is about an inch away from the paper. This isn’t the healthiest habit of mine. I just get in the zone. I curved to relieve my back while sitting criss cross, and knew my body needed a good stretch. One of my favorite things. I breathe into my muscles, discover new lengths and explore and expand my body. I stretched each leg and then both at the same time, for balance. I stretched my arms and reached up to the sky. Inhale. Exhale. Eyes open.


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  1. Delightful and charming…I really enjoy the way you write/express yourself…great use of vocabulary…varied and evocative…I love you way you draw word pictures…thanks for sharing (and, for “following” me…that’s how I found you). πŸ™‚

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