DIY – Palm Reading hand

I’m a huge fan of Simply Kenna (Youtuber & instagrammer @simply_kenna) and she’s always posting these adorable DIYs for autumn. I’m not big into Harry Potter like she is, but witchy stuff? I’m all in. I loved this DIY and it was so easy and convenient because now that my ring collection is growing, I need somewhere to keep them safe!

Here’s a little walk through for this Palm Reading DIY!

Supplies needed:

– black pen or marker, Sharpie markers (with a fine tip) work great!

– chalk paint

– hand!

Total time:

Including drying of the paint, maybe 1 hour.

Total $$$: $10

1. Grab a hand!

I found this one at Michael’s. They have tall ones, big ones, short ones, small ones. Different shaped fingers and positions and stuff. I think this one was $7 or so. While you’re at Michael’s or any craft store, grab some white chalk paint. Or whatever color you want your hand to be. Off-white works too. We don’t judge. If you need to grab a few marker-like pens while you’re there, that might be a good idea too. That’s it!

2. Paint your hand.

I think you can figure this one out yourself!

Chalk paint tends to dry fast and doesn’t always blend smoothly if some is wet and some is dry. So be quick. Let it dry as long as you can, I let mine go overnight. Totally unnecessary, I just ran out of time ❤️

3. Symbols!

I looked up a few palm reading charts online. I’ve had my palm read multiple times so I was somewhat familiar with the lines and symbols but I think it’s cool that now I have a little trinket to always refer to. I pulled up maybe 3 charts of palm readings and I put together all of the designs from them and kinda made it my own. I’m no Pablo Picasso but I did a pretttttty sweet Pisces symbol.

Voila! That’s all folks. Again this inspiration was from @simply_kenna on Instagram and I’m super happy with how it turned out cause DIYs don’t always end up so hot for me. Hope you guys liked it!


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