Unfinished business

“And so he turned me into his art

Tracing his words with thoughts of me

My name beaming through his fingertips

And out of his pen.”


The sweetest little thing

I ever did know

Was trapped inside

Your lips


To the rarest, most beautiful work of art:

I’m so glad I made you mine.

You always thank me for never giving up on you

But darling my dear I have to thank you, for never giving up on yourself

You are the very most pure thing I’ve ever known

To the man I love, my heart is yours.Β We are the lucky ones


“The universe brought me right here.

On the deck

this morning

In sweatshirts and sweatpants

With you”


Being with you is one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever known and loving you

is the greatest reward


Thank you for always eating the burnt slice of French toast. Even though you hate pillows and straws and take too long to brush your teeth. While you prefer pepper and I prefer salt, and you dry off in the shower and I prefer not