LUSH: Skin care routine

As I’ve talked about before, my skin is no force to be reckoned with.

I’m extremely sensitive to breaking out and once I find something that works, I just HAVE to stick to it.

I wanted to do a post about the latest and greatest for my skin, but before I tell you all of my favorite LUSH skin things you need to know a few things…

  • LUSH does NOT do “prescriptive” skin care. When you walk into a Sephora or any cosmetics store you can say “I have dry, sensitive skin” and they’ll lead you to an entire regimen or line that’s already created for that type of skin. That’s not how we do it. No skin is exactly the same, so we cannot assume and generalize skin into needing the same things. Just because you read about it on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s great for your specific needs. LUSH is effect and ingredient based, so a certain product will make your skin feel differently than the next person’s.
  • CONSULT. CONSULT. CONSULT. LUSH employees are THERE FOR A REASON! Please take advantage of our expertise knowledge. We didn’t train so long and hard for nothing. This is what we do. We offer free consultations for anyone interested in learning about a new skin care regimen that’s crafted perfectly for them.

Thank you and enjoy the show!

1. My first step is a cleanser, no matter where/when/what or how.

At LUSH we have a beautiful range of sulfate-free, natural face cleansers!

They come in a solid form, making no water or preservatives necessary. You actually get to finish making this product at home, as they are activated when you pinch a bit in your hand and add some water!

My current favorite, as you may have seen on my instagram, is Dark Angels.

It’s as trendy as charcoal and glue (DONT DO IT!!) and even better than any DIY.

This is a charcoal and rhassoul-mud based face cleanser. This means it’s basically gonna strip your skin of any impurities, grime and build up that may be stuck under the pores. Especially great for oils, blackheads and sistic breakouts, charcoal acts as a magnet to any of these imperfections, draws them to the surface and flushes them away.

This cleanser, after mixed with water to create a mud-like paste, can be used as a spot treatment, mask, scrub or daily face cleanser. If you do want to use this as a mask, don’t leave it on longer than 5 minutes. Some will find that the charcoal stains the skin and has a hard time scrubbing off. This can happen on occasion if there are excess oils or grime on the skin, the charcoal will latch on and be stubborn when washing off with warm water. I suggest getting a hot face cloth, steaming your face with it and wiping off vigorously with the wet cloth! This is my favorite cleanser to-date, as it’s been the only thing to help get rid of my deeply rooted breakouts.

2. Next, I use a Toner!

Toner can be used anywhere you want and any time you want. Our toners are alcohol free and can be considered a tonic water made up of herbs and essential oils. Toners help balance PH and oil levels. You can throw it in a gym bag, beach bag, cooler, fridge, whatever, and use it on the go. We like to call them aromatherapy in a spray bottle! They’ll change your life.

My preferred toner by LUSH, out of the three that we offer, is Breath of Fresh Air.

I’ve switched around and used all three at different times, and on occasion I use the Tea Tree Water, but lately my skin has been DYING for B.O.F.A.

This one’s a blend of Rosemary, Rose absolute, Aloe Vera, Sea water and Patchouli oil.

It’s meant to be cleansing, astringent and anti bacterial – but also hydrating, calming and soothing.

I love the way it feels, smells, and sinks right into my skin. I use this toner to prep my skin before using a moisturizer, before and after applying makeup, after plucking my eyebrows, and when I just need to cool down and give myself a spray.

3. After toning, it’s time to  MOISTURIZE!

Moisturizers are among the most luxurious of all our skin care products. We use things like cocoa butter and essential oils to condition the skin, with no excess wax or fillers!

My two favorites right now are Smuggler’s Soul Multipurpose Cream and Gorgeous. I wanted to talk about Gorgeous because the Smuggler’s Soul was a limited edition product, so you guys might not have gotten your hands on it.

GORGEOUS is the most finely crafted face cream on our shelf, and yes, it’s also the most expensive. It may seem like a tough buck to spend, but if you’re someone who admires skin care and self-love, you’ll be easily convinced to try it. And if we’re just being real, they absolutely have face moisturizers and serums for a ridiculous amount of money at any other professional skin care line, so we shouldn’t treat LUSH any differently.

This moisturizer is a light and fluffy weight, but mositurizes the skin to another level.

You barely feel it when you apply, but the long-term effects come into play when this orange-blossom scented cream is done sinking into your pores.

The evening primrose oil and other vegetable oils such as avocado and grapeseed oil, involve an extremely rare and in-depth process called cold-pressing. Kinda like when you to go that organic vegan cafe and spend eight dollars on a smoothie that says “made with cold-pressed juices!” but you don’t really care what it says cause you dont know what a cold press is and you just do it for the Instagram. Yeah, it’s kinda like that but not. Cold-pressing is a really involved process that uses a hydraulic press to extract the oils and juices from ingredients. It’s obviously easier and cheaper to do it any other way, which is why you’ll pay more for anything that involves cold pressed fruits or vegetables.

THAT BEING SAID, anyone who uses this moisturizer will tell you the price is 100% worth it. Once you’ve tried it, there’s really no going back, and every other moisturizer you use just won’t compare.

4. TREATMENTS: Masks, Serums and Scrubs!

These are a few of my favorite goodies outside of a basic three-step skin care routine.

Masks, serums and scrubs can be used weekly or monthly, or even daily, depending on what your skin needs!

I prefer to scrub every other day and do a mask at least once or twice a week.

I try to do a deep serum every other night, again depending what my moisture levels are at the time.

SCRUB: Ocean Salt. You’ve heard me mention it before and I’ll keep mentioning it again and again until everyone believes me. I do this a few times a week or as needed, like after a night of going out or if I just feel grimy and gross texture on my skin.

FACE SERUM: I use Full of Grace. This is another solid, self-preserving product that uses no water. This cupucacu butter filled bar glides along the skin as it’s butter melt, creating a sleek barrier of richness on the skin. It contains Portobello mushrooms to give the skin TONS of vitamins, rose petals to soothe and tone and muru-muru butter to help deeply moisturize the skin. Just by the touch you’ll feel it melt right in your hand, so make sure you store this somewhere safe, cool and dry. I use this as a light serum before bed so it can sink in overnight. I also use it as a base or barrier for underneath my facemasks, which I will talk about next! It works in hand with an otherwise “drying” face mask to assist in mositure, softness and tone. It will help those with dry or sensitive skin be able to use whatever mask they want with no hesitation!

MASK: My personal selection ranges dependent on my mood. I always keep Mask of Magnaminty on stock because I just love it for always, and it doesn’t expire for about 4 months. I’ll link another post here that talks about it.

Lately I’ve been using Cosmetic warrior, one of our FRESH face masks!

Here’s the deal with these bad boys: we get in a shipment of them once per week, because they’re so fresh they have to get sent to us weekly. They must be kept in the fridge, but can go up to 10 hours or so if you need some time to get them back home. There’s a little sticker on the bottom of these, just like all of our other products, and it tells you who made that product and what date you should use it by! IT’S SUPER IMPORTANT TO LISTEN TO IT, ESPECIALLY WITH THESE MASKS. The blueberries inside your mask will only stay fresh for as long as the blueberries in your fruit dish will. You wouldn’t eat rotten blueberries, so don’t put them on your skin. We use all sorts of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs that go bad within time and it’s crucial that you don’t jeopardize your skin’s health just for the use of an expired face mask.

Now let’s get down to business… It looks like french onion dip, smells like french onion dip, and probably tastes like french onion dip (don’t try this at home, kids). IT’S COSMETIC WARRIOR. It’s made with garlic and honey, which are both super antiseptic to help fight breakouts.

Cosmetic warrior also has fresh free-range eggs, which harden or crust a little bit on the skin. That being said, it’s on the astringent side because of the tea tree oil and fresh green grape juice, so I’m not a fan of the tight feeling when I wash it off. That’s why prepping my skin with Full of Grace helps maintain a moisturizing effect, while getting all the treatment from the mask itself! I love to apply Cosmetic Warrior with a makeup brush (to avoid messy fingers and nails) right on top of my layer of Full of Grace.

After over a year of practicing, demonstrating, learning, touching, testing, and sampling products from our skin care line, these are what currently suit my skin best.

Hop on into your local LUSH and inquire about starting a new skin routine. We always have time to convert you into a life-long, skin-loving LUSHie and are more than happy to consult with you!

Tata for now.

Laura the Leo