Why it’s important to treat yo’self

In a world where everything is fast, cheap and easy, taking time for luxury is almost necessary. Without really taking time to be alone with yourself and doing what makes you most at peace, it’s easy to get caught up in the madness. There’s technology, businesses, travel, sounds, noises, rushes, time frames, deadlines, calls, texts, emails, stresses, headaches, and worst of all, people. It’s just unhealthy to live in a life where you don’t stop in the moment, breathe, observe, watch, hear, look, and appreciate all that is around you, or – more importantly – inside of you.

Please don’t get me wrong – I’m that girl who’s always running late, sipping my coffee in one hand and carrying a tote bag with my work binders and lunch on my shoulder, a purse or handbag around my wrist, with my phone usually in my left hand, scrolling through Instagram or vigorously answering texts, spilling my drink as I rush up stairs and elevators and escalators and changing my shoes in the car on the way from one job to the other. I’m crazy. I’m always in a rush and I’m usually a shit show like 71% of the time. BUT, you’d be surprised at how often I make sure I “treat myself” per week. And I don’t even like using that term, really. “Treat” yourself. It shouldn’t be considered a treat to make yourself feel good. To make yourself feel appreciated, loved, and beautiful. Most would consider that a chore, they have to make time for it or they just cant bring themselves to really seeing their own worth. I think that’s bullshit. There’s no single mom who’s too busy to drink a cup of tea on the deck and soak up the morning sun, if that’s what makes her feel good. There’s no business man who doesn’t have time to sit back and put whatever sports game on and forget about whatever he dealt with at work. I just don’t believe it. We control our own lives and we have the right to take, or make that time.

And I think it’s really, really important to do so.

Working at LUSH, and/or in retail in general, has taught me so much about humankind. I have learned personality styles, psychology and social skills in many different ways, just by having so many interactions per day. It has especially taught me what problems people often face, and how they go about solving or expressing them. I literally spend every hour and minute of my work day talking to people, meeting people, and getting to know all of these diverse personalities and characteristics. It’s fascinating to me that there are so many of us in this world, and we each have a different “calling”, or something that is our very own. We each have a different definition of luxury, a different view on what it means to treat yourself, and we especially  all have different ideas of what it takes to be happy.

My definition of luxury is something that is of value. That value may be in money, what it’s worth, general quality and integrity. Luxury, to me, can go as far as marble floors and big jacuzzi bath tubs and white silk robes and red lipstick. It can also be a feeling, a sense of pride, an overall experience. There can be luxury in a conversation with someone, in a photograph or painting, or just a luxurious mindset.

“Treat yourself” to me, means feeling a certain way. It sometimes means feeling sexy, feeling beautiful, feeling proud and confident. It means feeling at peace, at ease, and at comfort with your soul. It means being at a certain level of connection with your own conscious. It means saying to yourself “hey, I’m doing this and I’m doing this for you, because I love you and you deserve it.”

My idea of what it takes to be happy is finding what you love and running with it. If you like the way someone makes you feel, surround yourself with them. If there’s a particular place that puts you at ease, go there often. If there’s certain songs or artists that speak to your soul, keep them in your life. I cannot stress that enough. So many times so many people sacrifice their own happiness by making things more complicated or confusing than they need to be. All you need to find is what makes you feel something, anything, and do that all the time. Do it for you.

With that being said, I’m off to drink a cup of my favorite tea, smear some Mask of Magnaminty all over my face and hit the hay shortly after. Because thats what I need to be happy after the day I’ve had.

Thanks once again for reading, and don’t forget to treat yo’self this week.



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