Top 5 LUSH Products you just need.

  1. Mask of Magnaminty – face and body mask

Yes, that says magnaminty. This Kaolin-Clay based cleansing mask is the ultimate care for whatever your skin needs and wants. We’ve got peppermint oil to deeply cleanse and fight breakouts, Vanilla to reduce redness, and aduki beans as a gentle exfoliant (I’m currently growing a bean sprout in my kitchen… stay tuned). I really suggest everyone try this mask and just see how well your skin will love it. And the best part is that it comes in a self-preserving formula, catering even deeper to any customer’s needs.

So, yeah, just like, try Mask of Magnaminty. Please.

2. Lip Scrubs – sugar lip exfoliant

  The easiest way to tell yourself “hey, i love you”. Something about lip scrubs are so nice to treat yourself for a quick moment at least once a day. Not only are lip scrubs an all over sensory experience, but they make you feel good literally from the inside out, because, you can eat them. For example: Bubblegum Lip Scrub. You first see it’s bright pink color, you then can smell the essential oils in the scrub upon opening, next you glide your finger along the scrub and feel the sugar grind against your lips. You scrub, lick, then dry, and have literally the best lips in the world. It’s an all over incredible little thing that takes, not even 60 seconds.

3. Buffy – solid body butter

So, this one might not be for everyone. However, it will probably catch most people’s attention, so this is for those of you. A body butter is a solid bar that you massage on the skin in the shower, leaving a luxurious layer of lotions and oils on your skin, conditioning and moisturizing the body. Add all of that heavenly goodness with some crushed almond and rice to scrub away any dry bumps and smooth down any rough skin. While you rinse away with warm water in the shower or bath, the butters melt away on your skin leaving a glowy look and a hydrated feel.

4. Ocean Salt  – sea salt face and body scrub

If you haven’t already heard of it, seen it, tried it, bought it, and fallen in love with it, I’m here to tell you why you should do all of the above. This is another one that can really be good for anyone, as it is made in both a regular formula and self preserving formula, catering more to sensitive or dry skin. Everyone has their preference. With both fine and coarse sea salt, avocado butter, coconut oil, lime and vodka infusion, it’s everything your skin could want except the beach, sand and sun. I personally love Ocean Salt on my face (you can use it all over – another reason why it’s so lovable) when I need a deep scrub for my skin to really breathe. So give it a shot, you never know what you’re missing until you try Ocean Salt.

5. Sea Spray – hair texturizing mist

Sea Salt to texturize. Neroli oil to protect. Orange Blossom and Rosewood for fragrance. Seaweed to soften.  Grapefruit oil for shine. Just to die for. I’ve never used a texturizing spray like this one. It adds volume, texture, fluffiness, shine and revamps your hair no matter what it’s doing. I can honestly and truly say after trying so many sprays similar to this one, nothing compares to Sea Spray and the things it does for my hair.


* Disclaimer: This is in no means any kind of advertisement or sponsorship, and simply my true and real opinion.  These are my personal views on the product and I’m not expecting every person to agree. As a LUSH employee for more than one year, I am very knowledgable about these products and have plenty of experience with them. Please do your research about these products prior to using and decide if they are right for you. Also do be cautious of any food or nut allergies.*


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